Water and COVID-19: a new learning module for school students

24 December 2020

On 22-24 December 2020, the Public Fund Center Cooperation for Sustainable Development (Kazakhstan), with the support and participation of the UNESCO Almaty Office, organized an online training for teachers to familiarize them with a new learning module on Water and COVID-19 developed for 5-9 grade students.

The module includes five thematic lessons, covering various aspects of water use in the context of climate change and COVID-19 pandemic, water pollution and efficiency. During the 3-days training, about 70 teachers from four Central Asian countries were trained on the new module and learned about specificity of teaching this important subject.

There is no doubt that access to clean and safe water and sanitation is critical for preventing the spread of COVID-19. The current pandemic is yet another proof that scarcity of water supply and sanitation brings high risks to sustainable development and jeopardizes the well-being of all. It is therefore important to promote water education and awareness raising on the right to water and improved water security.

The new learning module will be finalized soon and will become available on UNESCO Almaty website. Stay tuned!


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