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25 July 2022 UNESCO launch fifth global consultation on the implementation of the 1980 Recommendation concerning the Status of the Artist
21 July 2022 UNESCO names Strasbourg as World Book Capital for 2024
18 July 2022 The multi-stakeholder advisory board meets to discuss the first draft on media development in Kazakhstan
6 July 2022 An international conference dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the UNESCO International Geoscience Programme held in Almaty, Kazakhstan
1 July 2022 Magnus Magnusson appointed Officer in Charge of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office
29 June 2022 UNESCO showcases impact of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity and appeals for urgent funding
13 June 2022 The ROAM-X Internet Universality Indicators project continues in Kazakhstan
10 June 2022 Dushanbe Water Conference: recommendations made
9 June 2022 Media literacy in action: experts, government, society
7 June 2022 UNDP and UNESCO launched Online Community Accelerator in Kyrgyzstan
2 June 2022 Kazakhstan National Committee of the Memory of the World Programme meets online
1 June 2022 EduHub: A New E-learning Platform for Professionals and Parents on Adolescent Health and Well-being
26 May 2022 UNESCO and EU invest in cultural policies and more opportunities for creatives
24 May 2022 Kazakhstan: discussion of the draft annual report on the state of access to information
22 May 2022 The UNESCO Director-General congratulates the President and People on the thirtieth anniversary of Kazakhstan's membership in UNESCO.