UNESCO MAB Young Scientists Awards: call for applications

3 October 2019

UNESCO calls for applications from young researchers to be considered for the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme Young Scientists Awards 2020.

Since 1989 the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme has been providing young researchers each year with awards of up to US$ 5,000 in support of their research on ecosystems, natural resources and biodiversity. The MAB Awards were established to encourage young scientists, in particular those from developing countries, to use MAB research sites and biosphere reserves in their studies, as well as to assist exchange of information and experience among a new generation of scientists.

The applications for the 2020 Awards must be made on a special application form (in English or French) and should be submitted to the MAB Secretariat in Paris no later than 13 December 2019. All applications must be endorsed and signed by the respective MAB National Committee before they are submitted to the MAB Secretariat. In countries where MAB National Committees do not exist or are not fully operational, the selection at the national level will continue to be ensured by the National Commission for UNESCO.

Through the MAB Young Scientists Awards, UNESCO supports new generation of scientists worldwide as a key to addressing ecological and sustainability issues.

More information about the MAB Young Scientists Awards 2020, including the objectives and selection criteria, is available on the official website of UNESCO.
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