UNESCO IITE is looking for an individual home-based consultant

3 August 2020

UNESCO IITE is looking for an individual home-based consultant to conduct a review of the current status of ICT in education with due regard of the COVID-19 impact on education and the availability of the national education system for implementing innovative ICT-based approaches.

The key objective of the project, launched by the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (UNESCO IITE) jointly with the Weidong Cloud Education Group, bearing the title: Building the future schools through ICT competency development, is to investigate new ICT-based educational environment and support new competencies of the 21st century schools.

At the current stage of the project implementation, UNESCO IITE is seeking a national expert (Consultant) in Kyrgyzstan to analyze and evaluate technical and educational readiness of the vocational schools within the country in terms of ICT-based and online teaching and learning. With due and acute regard of the predicaments caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the expert shall identify the negative impacts, challenges and opportunities that learners and vocational schools have faced, the role of ICT in managing and mitigating these negative impacts, as well as in maximizing its positive impacts on education and communication. The contractor shall analyze how each actor can address these risks and contribute to the opportunities.

The research study methodology will include:
Description of national educational legislation (1-2 pages)
Online questionnaire for teachers, master teachers, principals of TVET institutions. The questionnaire objective is to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks, benefits and challenges, lessons learned, and key success factors in schools effectively innovating through ICT. The contractor shall develop the structure and content of the questionnaire and prepare the online survey on the platform recommended by UNESCO IITE. The expert shall invite participants to take the online survey. Questionnaires to be prepared in the Russian and Kyrgyz languages. The final deliverable shall include at least 30 replies to the questionnaires with at least 10 case studies, backed by photo and/or video materials illustrating advanced experience and promising practices. Delivery date 20 September 2020.
Engagement in the webinar, to be arranged by UNESCO IITE jointly with UNESCO Almaty Office, with experts on the countrys identified technical (infrastructure and connectivity) and educational (teaching, learning, methodological, etc.) readiness to continue education during and after COVID-19 by the medium of blended and online teaching and learning. The webinar will take place during the period from September to November 2020. The national expert shall prepare a PPT presentation to be delivered to the webinar participants (duration at least 20 minutes) and actively engage in the follow-up discussions. The Consultant shall generate an internal report on identified technical (infrastructure and connectivity) and educational (teaching, learning, methodological, etc.) readiness of the country to continue teaching and learning during and after COVID-19 through blended and online education. Language of the Report Russian. Submission deadline 30 November 2020.
Analysis, conclusions and recommendations. The analytical report of no less than 30 pages (font Calibri; font size 12; line space 1.5) should include results of the above-mentioned activities, including brief description of national educational legislation, survey findings (no less than 30 replies), 10 case studies with photo/video supplements. Document language Russian. Submission deadline 30 October 2020.
Draft analytical report to be provided for consideration and review by UNESCO IITE and UNESCO Almaty Office (1 page, English language; deadline 30 October 2020). Based on feedback provided, the Consultant shall make changes (if required) in accordance with specified comments and recommendations. The final report on the conducted activities shall be submitted to UNESCO IITE by 30 November 2020.

The final report must be compiled in full compliance with the UNESCO Style Manual for the presentation of English-language texts and in a tone that is reader-friendly for its intended audience, i.e. educators and policy-makers.

The format of images: JPEG, PNG, SVG. Image resolution should be not less than 4000×3000 pixels.

The format of videos: MPEG-4/H.264. Video recording should be carried out with a maximum level of quality, in full HD 1080p (minimum) or UHD 4K (desired).

Interested candidates must submit their applications in Russian to: e.varkvasova@unesco.org by 3 August 2020.

Application should include:
Latest Curriculum Vitae
Description of contemplated activities
Proposed budget (in USD)
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