UNESCO and Open Science: regional consultation for Eastern Europe

30 September 2020

To build a global consensus on Open Science, and in line with the decision taken by the UNESCO General Conference in November 2019, the development of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science relies on an inclusive, transparent and consultative process involving all countries and stakeholders and taking stock of the different regional perspectives.

As part of the series of regional consultations organized for the development of a UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, the Regional Consultation for Eastern Europe took place online on Thursday, 24 September 2020.

Organized by the UNESCO Division of Science Policy and Capacity-Building in cooperation with the UNESCO offices in Almaty and Venice, the meeting brought together some 150 participants from Eastern Europe and Central Asia with the aim to provide a platform for inputs from scientists, science funders, policy makers, innovators, publishers and other concerned stakeholders to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

This will be the only recommendation in the United Nations system that aims to reduce the gap between countries and between scientists through the access of science and technology for the good of humanity.

Ms Shamila Nair-Bedouelle, Assistant Director-General for Natural Sciences, about UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.

Lessons learnt and experiences of the regional stakeholders on the development and implementation of Open Science strategies, policies and other initiatives were shared during the meeting, as well as areas for international collaboration and networking to advance Open Science globally.

The key inputs and outcomes will feed the draft text of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science.


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