The 20th Anniversary of the UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network in Kazakhstan

20 September 2016

In celebration of the International Day of Peace, on 24 September 2016, the National Coordinating Council of UNESCO Associated Schools in the Republic of Kazakhstan and UNESCO Almaty held the annual festival of UNESCO Associated Schools - dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Associated Schools Project in Kazakhstan.The event took place at BEST school.

The UNESCO's Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) in Kazakhstan began to take shape in 1996, when the first six Almaty schools, namely secondary schools 8, 35, 105, 124 and 145, and "BEST" school were accepted into the "UNESCO Associated Schools"Project. Currently, the ASP network in Kazakhstan includes twenty-five schools of this type.

The UNESCO's ASPnet was launched in 1953. Initially, the main objective of the project was to bring together ASPnet international school teams to support dissemination of knowledge, exchange of intellectual experience, and expansion of international cooperation in the field of education. An important step forward was the recognition of the need to support the development of new approaches in training and education.

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UNESCO Associated Schools work in four key areas:

  1. World Concerns and the United Nations system,
  2. Human Rights and Democracy,
  3. Intercultural Learning, and
  4. Environmental Issues.

In this regard, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Independence of the Republic, ASPnet teaching and student groups arranged this festival to join efforts to transform education into a driving force for achieving the ideals of peace. The festival drew together ASPnet students in Kazakhstan. Students of the country appealed to the world's community: "Children want to live in peace!"

The festival's programme included the following activities:

  • A flash mob performance,
  • A concert involving on-stage performance groups of the ASPnet in Kazakhstan,
  • The exhibition of hand-made articles and works of the fine arts, and
  • Sports games and contests.
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