UNESCO works with a wide range of partners in all of its fields of competence. Partnerships are a key enabler for meeting global challenges and generating sustainable change and long-lasting impact. Partnerships are firmly embedded in UNESCOs way of working at global, regional and national levels. By joining forces with its partners UNESCO can leverage resources, expertise and competencies to promote all UNESCOs ideals and values, to achieve common development goals, and to strengthen visibility and impact of its action. UNESCO offers a range of different entry points for partnerships. Sustainable Development Goals are at the heart of UNESCOs partnership agenda. Read more

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7 October 2021 UNESCO Earth Network
Call for applications for a roster of volunteer experts
5 May 2021 Call for nominations for the UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science
16 March 2021 Regional Consultations for the preparation of the Global Action Plan of the IDIL (2022-2032) for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia
15 February 2021 International Year of Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
16 September 2020 Call for Working Meeting on the Safe Online Learning Space for Central Asian Youth
13 May 2020 UNESCO Almaty invites stakeholders for cooperation on promotion of sports for development and peace
13 March 2020 UNESCO Prize for Girls and Womens Education 2020 is now accepting nominations
25 January 2019 FIFA, UNESCO and the World Food Programme sign an innovative partnership to enhance childrens access to education
30 November 2018 Fostering Creativity in Central Asia
26 September 2018 Youth2030: UN chief launches bold new strategy for young people to lead
22 August 2018 Successful Implementation of the Second Training for Young People on "UNESCO Project Planner" tool
25 June 2018 UNESCO supports Climate and Water Dialogue
13 March 2017 Moving Forward with Education 2030: Central Asian states focus on strengthening education policy and cooperation
3 July 2015 Central Asia Symposium Fostering an Enabling Environment for Teacher Innovation: From Policy to Practice
24 July 2014 First Interregional Meeting of National Commissions for UNESCO 22-24 July 2014, Astana, Kazakhstan