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UNESCO cooperates with a wide variety of Private Sector partners such as business enterprises, including small and medium-size firms, national, international and multinational corporations, philanthropic and corporate foundations, financial institutions and private individuals to carry out its vast mandate. Read more

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8 December 2022 UNESCO cooperates with three regional programs to address violence against women journalists from Central Asia
18 July 2022 The multi-stakeholder advisory board meets to discuss the first draft on media development in Kazakhstan
29 June 2022 UNESCO showcases impact of the International Fund for Cultural Diversity and appeals for urgent funding
13 June 2022 The ROAM-X Internet Universality Indicators project continues in Kazakhstan
26 May 2022 UNESCO and EU invest in cultural policies and more opportunities for creatives
29 March 2022 Kazakhstan: launching Internet Universality ROAM-X Indicators project
8 March 2022 Does AI advance gender equality? - A panel on The Effects of AI on the Working Lives of Women
16 March 2021 Regional Consultations for the preparation of the Global Action Plan of the IDIL (2022-2032) for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia
1 July 2020 The first UNESCO online training on distance learning solutions and tools in the Central Asian region
30 June 2020 Deadline Extended to 30 June! Case studies for the 5-Year Progress Review of SDG4 in the Asia-Pacific
13 May 2020 UNESCO Almaty invites stakeholders for cooperation on promotion of sports for development and peace
1 May 2020 The findings of the UN World Water Development Report 2020 Water and Climate Change discussed in Kazakhstan
28 September 2018 Roadmap for sustainable development at UNESCO-designated sites was discussed in Almaty
16 July 2018 Kazakhstan biosphere reserves as models of sustainable development: report of the EABRN meeting
8 November 2017 UNESCO participates in a discussion on financing for development of water sector in Central Asia