Social school for girls-leaders

30 April 2015

Social school for girl-leaders was held in Almaty on 23-26 April 2015. The event was organized within the joint project of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office and Crisis center Zabota. 25 girls aged 13-15 years old from six schools of Almaty attended the training.

I really liked the training. We talked about things that did not talk with parents and school teachers. Nobody told us about these. I have learned useful information for my life.

Alberta (14 years old)

The project was initiated with the purpose to focus attention on teen-age girls due to they are one of the most vulnerable group of population since they faced not only with physiological and psychological changes but different social and economic problems as well as with violence and discrimination, unmet needs in education, social development and reproductive health.

Agenda covered such issues as communication and negotiation skills for avoiding violence, conflicts prevention and resolution as well as managing peer pressure; reproductive health, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and HIV; contraception and other issues. Several sessions were devoted to leadership development and peer education. During the training participants enhanced their knowledge and improved understanding about their role as peer educators as well as practiced trainers skills.

The project was implemented in partnership with local government and non-governmental organizations.
education transforms lives

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