"Science Literacy: Dealing with Big Science Education Ideas" training held in Bishkek

2 December 2022

The training was conducted by the International Center of Scientific Collaborations together with MUGALIM EDU, with the support of the UNESCO Almaty and in cooperation with the Innovation Center at Kyrgyzpatent.

About 50 teachers from different regions of Kyrgyzstan were trained in the practical application of the Big Ideas methodology, learned how to develop educational scientific programs of a multidisciplinary nature for children of different age categories. In addition, the participants of the training were able to get acquainted with approaches to the correct formation of curricula, assessment of pedagogy and students.

The book "Working with Big Ideas in Science Education" was written by a team of foreign authors in 2015, translated into Russian and adapted for use in Kazakhstan and the Central Asian republics. With the support of the international organizations IAP SEP, TWAS and UNESCO, since the beginning of 2022, 193 people have been trained in Kazakhstan, of which 32 are schoolchildren.

The application of the methodology proposed by the authors of the book will allow teachers not only to learn about the features of science education from early childhood, but also contribute to the practical application of the acquired knowledge necessary for the disclosure of scientific skills in schoolchildren and stimulate the development of STEM education.

The author of the course is Kusainova Lazzat Abaevna, Ph.D. in Law, patent attorney of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Preparatory Committee of the World Science Literacy Organization (WOSL), member of the Global Science Education Council (IAP SEP).


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