Kyrgyzstan discussed legislation on education, media and right to information

17 June 2022

The stock-taking event on UNs assistance to the legal inventory process in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2021-2022, took place on 17 June 2022 in Bishkek in mixed mode. The event is aimed at bringing together the UN agencies and partners to summarize the lessons learned from the UN Systems assistance to the legal inventory in the Kyrgyz Republic during the last year. The concept and the agenda are attached.

The legal inventory event is a collective undertaking, based on the active participation of UN agencies who have been actively involved, to exchange experiences of this process, with other stakeholders, including the government, civil society, experts, and development partners.

Joint efforts of government agencies, civil society organizations, UN agencies, including UNESCO, were noted by Ozonnia Ozhielo, UN Resident Representative in Kyrgyzstan during the welcome speech.

Previously 7 December 2021, UNESCO Almaty participated in the round table on the draft Law on the right of access to information and the draft Law on introducing amendments to some legal acts on issues of access to information in Kyrgyzstan.

Representatives of state bodies, civil society, and international organizations discussed proposals of the developers of the draft law "On the right to access to information" and proposals for amendments to legal acts in connection with its implementation.

UNESCO Almaty Office presented the connection of legislation with the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG 16.10 target on public access to information, and special indicator of SDG 16.10.2 on legislative, and political guarantees of citizens' access to information.

In addition, international principles for creating strong access to information laws were presented, including authority, requesting procedures, exceptions, and implementation provisions. As well as the International Standard on Access to Information in Times of Pandemic crisis.

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