18 June 2020

Application call for the International Festival The Planet of ART - 2020.

Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs in cooperation with the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbasy informs about the call of applications for the International Festival The Planet of ART - 2020. To read the Terms and Conditions of the contest and to download the application form, please follow the link.

The Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, being part of the World Movement of UNESCO Clubs, which originated in 1947 in Japan, was founded in April 2009 and carries out large-scale work to promote UNESCO's ideals and values through the support and development of the younger generation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Today in the Republic of Kazakhstan there are 141 UNESCO Clubs with a total number of more than 12,000 members, represented in more than 40 cities, 12 villages of 14 regions of the country.

The organization implements major youth programmes in three main areas of UNESCO's activities: creative education, cultural heritage and sustainable development.

The new art cycle of The Planet of ART - 2020 is dedicated to the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of the philosopher al-Farabi and the 175th anniversary of the poet Abai Kunanbayev, as well as the promotion of the state program Rukhani Zhangyru.

Children and youth from 3 to 18 years old are welcome to participate.

The project has exclusively social focus and supports gifted young artists to realize their creative potential and promote the diversity of cultures of the participating countries in the international level by demonstrating children's creativity.

Moreover, due to the scale and international coverage, more than 10,000 children, regardless of their social status, including children from remote and rural areas from all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as from countries near and far abroad, have an equal chance to demonstrate their talents and further work with the leading artists of Kazakhstan.

According to the organizers of the Festival, The Planet of ART-2020 encourages all forms of diversity of cultural expression and strengthens friendly ties between young talents from all over the world.

The Festival is organized with the wide support of Akimat of Almaty city, National Commission of the Republic of Kazakhstan for UNESCO and ISESCO, UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centres and Associations and other private companies.

As the culmination of the International Festival The Planet of ART - 2020 will be the launch of the album The thinkers of the Great Steppe at the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Paris, France during official events in honor of the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In addition, a mobile exhibition of the best art works will be held in the regional centers of Kazakhstan as part of the award ceremony for finalists from all regions of the country.

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