Electronic interactive course "Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS" for prevention education of young people developed in Kyrgyzstan

28 November 2011

Development of the training course "Building knowledge about HIV and AIDS" for Education System professionals in Russian has been carried out by national experts under the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kyrgyz Republic with technical and financial support of the UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office. This information material was adapted from an interactive course, developed in Kazakhstan.

The interactive course consists of five modules that provide not only information but also different techniques for more effective learning. At the end of each module there is a test for evaluation of knowledge gained during the learning of the module. At the end of the fifth module there is a final test, which includes questions on all topics of the course. Education system specialists will be able to use any component of this course: playing exercises, quizzes, tests, case studies and videos for preventive education among young people.

Recommendations and comments provided by education system experts from different regions of the country have been taken into account during the adaptation process. The final version of the electronic interactive course was approved by the Ministry of Education and Science, and presented at the workshop in June 2011. Participants included senior specialists of educational departments, the deputy director of in-service teacher training institute of Kyrgyz State University named after I Arabayev, specialists from Kyrgyz Academy of Education, teacher trainers, school deputy directors, teachers and psychologists. According to one of the workshop participants: "this is a very useful course and it is necessary that all schools have the possibility to use it."

Introduction of the electronic interactive training course will enhance the efficiency of preventive education, the involvement of the education sector in the national response to HIV-infection, as well as the use of innovative technologies to enhance the awareness and competence of education system professionals on HIV and drug use prevention.

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