E-Campus Central Asia UNESCO Workshop, 27-30 June 2006, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

27 June 2006

Implementing in framework of UNESCO Activity: Enhancing literacy, teacher training and quality education at all levels through media and ICTs
Venue: NUUz, Physical faculty, OLIC, VUZgorodok, Tel: (99871)1447306
Participants : Kazakh National University; National University of Uzbekistan; Tajik Technological University; University of Robert Shuman & SIIG (France).
The object of e-campuses is to strengthen the institutional and operational capacity of a network of institutions, to develop, deliver and manage quality ICT-enhanced education and training.

The main lines of the approach for the development of e-campuses are:

  • To develop a regional flexible and modern distance education system based on information and communication technologies as interactive as possible, through the establishment or strengthening of e-education resources centres;
  • To develop an education model for both pre- and in-service professionals, with a special focus on teachers and educators;
  • To build capacities of all professionals involved in e-education understood as a global process;
  • To improve education resources and make them accessible to all participating e-education actors;
  • To validate new formal and non-formal educational approaches.

Such an approach has the following components:

  • Regional e-education policy as a project framework;
  • Development of e-education programmes;
  • Capacity-building;
  • Infrastructure development;
  • Teaching programme deployment;
  • Information dissemination and sharing;
  • Partnership and cooperation;
  • Project management.

The aim of this pilot project is to create e-portals of Central Asian Universities by the end of 2006 year.

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