Concluding the online transformational marathon "Sustainability begins with me"

22 November 2021

From June to November 2021, the Kazakhstan Federation of Clubs for UNESCO together in cooperation with the UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty and the Kazakhstan Association of Regional Environmental Initiatives ECOJER held the Republican Transformational Marathon "Sustainability begins with me".

More than 1,400 participants aged 12 to 45 from all over Kazakhstan joined the marathon to develop a new perspective on their mental and physical health, healthy eating and behaviour, thereby ensuring sustainable lifestyle changes.

This project is a continuation of the "My Eco-Footprint" marathon, which gained popularity last year. The online format allowed reaching a wide audience, both, from rural and urban areas, people of different professions and interests. Similar to last year campaign, the marathon consisted of educational and practical components, however, the topics of the webinars became more diverse. By listening to the experts, the participants were able to develop skills and values not only for preserving the environment but also for proper nutrition, physical and mental health, as these are important foundations for sustainable personal development.

The marathon really gives a lot of useful and new information, contributes to the formation of useful eco-habits. There were a lot of interesting, creative tasks in this marathon contributing to self-development and positive changes. We wish all the participants further prosperity and support from like-minded people! " Olga Kozhaseitova, teacher of the O'rken children's and teenage club, Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The marathon has changed me a little in different areas. For example, every time, looking at any product in the supermarket, I pay attention to the facts of whether the packaging is recyclable. I would like every person to become more aware of [sustainability problems of] our planet. " Angelina Bitner, Pavlodar.

In addition, participants completed daily homework to practice new habits, share their opinions and vision of sustainable development in social networks. The ambassadors of the project - eco-activists, athletes, psychologists and opinion leaders - shared their experience of switching to the bright side and motivated the marathon participants with their example. Thus, the participants and ambassadors of the marathon managed to create a community of like-minded people interested in acquiring healthy habits for sustainable development. At the end of each week, participants were marked with the most creative reporting.

I liked that there was a large number of participants, I felt cohesion and support, looking at the others, I was motivated to continue further and reach the end of the marathon. I would love to take part in future events. Success to everyone!" Amalia Shamsutdinova, Aktobe.

At the end of the contest, 36 winners were chosen. Participants of the marathon note that their lifestyles have changed significantly. Some participants reconsidered their attitude to sports and started doing exercises every day, as they realized the importance and benefits of the sport during the webinars. The others have revised their diet, approach to grocery shopping or started sorting out one or all types of waste.

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