"Climate Risk Management" study course

10 May 2017

"Climate Risk Management" study course was developed for the universities of Kyzylorda region by the Center "Cooperation for sustainable development" (Almaty, Kazakhstan) with the support of UNESCO Almaty Cluster Office.

The course was elaborated in the framework of the UN Joint Programme "Improving the welfare and quality of life in the Kyzylorda region through innovative approaches to delivering economic, social and environmental services to the local population, including those most vulnerable".

In order to ensure free access and facilitate a widespread use of the course materials in educational activities of universities, the course materials (in Russian) are available for downloading via links below.

Theme 1. Course introduction. Case study 1.
Theme 2. Case study 2.
Theme 3. Case study 3.
Theme 4. Case study 4.
Theme 5. Case study 5.
Theme 6. Case study 6.
Theme 7. Case study 7.
Theme 8. Case study 8.
Theme 9. Case study 9.
Theme 10. Case study 10.

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