Children are Painting the World

4 June 2012

During her official visit to the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan, UNESCO Director-General Ms. Irina Bokova, attended the final qualifying round of the childrens art competition "Children are painting the world" Kazakhstan sponsored by the National Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

The "Children are painting the world" album series, was initiated by UNESCO in 1999. It demonstrates the rich world of children's art. It shows originality, sincerity, and children's ability to communicate in the language of art, which, as we know, has no barriers. Kazakhstan has expanded the boundaries of the project's original scope, and now the project in addition to children's drawings reflects almost all kinds of children's art, including sculpture, decorative and applied art, Kazakh folk applied art, design, as well as car, ship and airplane modeling. After ten years, the Festival has become a regular sub-regional UNESCO activity in Central Asia.

Opening of the Festival Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs

The event was attended by the President of the Kazakhstan National Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Vice-Minister of Oil and Gas Mr. B.Akchulakov, Director of UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty Mr. S.Lazarev, Secretary-General of the Kazakhstan National Commission for UNESCO and ISESCO Ms. A.Utegenova, the prominent Kazakhstan artists Marat Toksaitov, Azhibekuly Kazakbay and other prominent public figures.

As part of this festival, an open master painting class was held, based on paintings by Picasso, to familiarize participants with the activities of the Federation of UNESCO Clubs, to feel the music and to take part in the cultural heritage of Kazakhstan - Orteke.

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